Third Issue: SILENCES

Q : You tend to speak so less. So do your photographs abound in dignified silence. Would you like to share a few words about your photographs? It should not necessarily be connected with the images. Anything.
A : I think I won’t. I usually use date and time as captions. Sometimes I write the name of the place the photograph was taken in.

Q: Why did you choose photography?
A: Have you read these lines by Abbas Kiarostami — “It’s said that in the beginning was the word, but for me the beginning is always an image. When I think about a conversation, it always starts with images. And what I love about photography is the inscription of a single moment: it’s completely ephemeral.
You take the photograph, and one second later, everything has changed.” — ?? I never think of photography as something separate. It’s a practice that comes from my creative ideas and imagination, like writing poetry or making music.

Q: Why do you click photographs of the countryside when you mostly stay, as I presume from our earlier conversations, in the city?
A: I was born and raised in the village. The village awakens in me imagination more than ideas. And everything in the village is always set in a frame.

Q: What colour would you associate with the word – ‘silence’ ?
A: Maybe…Grey.

Q: What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘death’? It can be anything – a word, maybe a colour, or tune. Anything.
A: My grandmother’s face.

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