Third Issue: SILENCES


Faces imprinted in time.
Glances embracing silence
In sculpture that emulates a face
And a face that takes after a sculpture

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Yudhajit was always interested in the art of cinema. Two of his films, Khoji and Quiro, co-directed with Prithvijoy Ganguly, have been globally screened at various festivals. His FTII documentary film ‘Kalsubai’ won the Grand Prize at Oberhausen ISFF and went to over twenty national and international film festivals including IDFA, Sheffield Docs, Visions Du Rèel among others and was nominated for Oscars at IDA Documentary shorts at LA. He had been invited to participate in Opening Scenes Lab at 52nd edition of Visions du Réel, Switzerland, which is a special programme for the 16 filmmakers selected globally where ‘Kalsubai’ had its World Premiere.

Currently Yudhajit is developing two feature projects with Prithvijoy Ganguly one of which had been selected in NFDC Co Production market in 2020.

When not working Yudhajit travels across the country making photographs both in digital and analog formats.

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