Call For Submissions for the Third Issue.

In one of his poems, Wordsworth argued that a glimpse and impulse of the vernal wood taught us more about Man and moral right and wrong than all the wise and the learned could possibly think of. And yet, we have been slow in realising that we have taken Nature for granted. The recent crisis in Joshimath is a case in point, where unchecked and sometimes illegal building/hotel/masonry constructions have brought the sleepy town on the brink of a disaster.

For the Third Issue of Parcham, due to be out in March, we are looking for POEMS/ SHORT STORIES (Originally in English or in Translation), Non-Fiction/ Personal Essay that highlight one’s relationship or engagement with the natural world. Send in your submissions for the March Issue by the 15th of March 2023. Please follow the guidelines below and in case of any queries please write to or WhatsApp 6289935412.

Poetry: Please send in your previously unpublished poems (not more than 3) in a single MS Word document at the email id mentioned above with the subject line Poetry Submission. All submissions to be titled in the MS document with ‘full name of author -Issue 3’.

For Fiction/ Short Stories: Please keep in mind that short stories should be not more than 4,000 words. Send in the short story to with the subject line Short Story Submission. All submissions to be titled in the MS document with ‘full name of author -Issue 3’.

For Articles on Films and Popular Culture: Please send us a short pitch before sending us the complete article to the subject line Films and Popular Culture. Specifically for the Films Section, this is an open Issue.

For Photo Stories/ Essays: Contributors are requested to send in at least 5 photographs in the Jpeg format only. Captions or a short description of the images are optional. Please send in your submissions to This is an OPEN ISSUE.

For Editorials/ Opinion Pieces/ Interviews and Book Reviews: For editorials and opinion pieces, please ensure that your submissions are free from unparliamentary language or religious or cultural bigotry. The editors have complete authority to reject a piece if they feel that they are not upholding the spirit of the magazine. Book reviews should be not more than 2,000 words. Send in your submissions to

Parcham Literary Magazine believes in promoting creative talent and enriching us all. To that end we seek to feature authors, poets, artists, creators and photographers in a special author/artist highlight section of Parcham. If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone you admire please submit the following: 

  • Authors full details including email and website and full name. 
  • Authors photograph (ideally a collection of several.
  • Authors book covers in jpg format and any other artwork or visual representation like memes and social media creations.
  • Information about the author to include long biography (no word length), any media sources and links (including videos, readings, presentations or art shows).
  • You can either request a Q&A (question and answer) to be sent to the individual being featured OR submit a completed Q&A done by a colleague. It should be under 3000 words and ask pertinent questions about the individuals life and experiences as related to their creativity and output. 

If you do not have any of the above, please let us know why you would be a good candidate for a showcase of your work and how you envision this. You can use this highlight for your own benefit – and send it alongside your biographies to other publishers, by way of self-promotion.

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