Third Issue: SILENCES


Like the silhouettes of an evening in some distant land
Waiting for a contour known to the chosen few, I look for a language without speech
The floating vowels and consonants of which
Are known to just me and you… So we sit next to each other for instants or eternity, Breathing silence so eloquently, That every unspelt syllable tells an epic tale.

Anisha Ghosh is an academician turned instructional designer by profession, and awriter/poet by passion. She has worked as an assistant professor of English in A.B.N. Seal College (Coochbehar), North Bengal St. Xavier’s College (Rajganj), and Inspiria Knowledge Campus (Siliguri). She has also worked as a freelance ghostwriter and content editor. She is currently working in the eLearning sector as an Instructional Designer (Higher Education vertical).

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