Third Issue: SILENCES

Photo Stories by Yudhajit Basu

The colour of fear is, perhaps, Blue.

It has many shades –

Aquamarine is one tint of fear

That captures the essence of a relationship

One that is between water and toxin.

The cloud hides the sun

But the dread of rain lingers on.

That very feeling is toxin

The rest is but a wonder.

__ Yudhajit Basu [ trans. Ipsita Deb ]

Q: What comes to your mind when you hear the word “fear”? What colour? Or sound? Or images? Or, maybe, impressions?

A: The word ‘fear’ often immediately transports us to a sense of sleep paralysis. Our consciousness seems to be bathed in an uncanny blue, a blue toward the darker shade perhaps, like the imagined color of night. Night in visual vocabulary is often synonymous with blue. Fear is that shade of blue that cripples us like a bird with a broken wing. It also often has oblique associations with suffocation, a feeling of inaction. It seems to be one of the strongest feelings or forces that act upon us. Living or surviving for that matter is perhaps itself an act of winning over this fear.

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