Call For Submissions: October Issue

Call For Submissions- October Issue

The world as we know it is for some time now been continually fraught with conflicts of different kinds. Ironically, with globalisation and social media, certain boundaries were meant to shrink. But instead, greater fractions and factions have appeared on the horizon, so much so, that most of us have not been home in the world. I am reminded of Salman Rushdie who, in one of his novels, cheekily complains that one might just draw a circle around themselves and call it “selfistan”. Borders that were supposed to have been effaced have reared their ugly head all over again.

It is this idea of “selfistan” that Parcham would like to explore in our forthcoming issue. How does one negotiate the notion of the “self”? What does it mean to you? Is the idea of the world as we know it shrinking and becoming less inclusive? Have we become more insular where everyone is an island? We would like to hear from you.

We invite previously unpublished Poems, original short Stories, translations of short fiction, non-Fiction pieces and Editorials and Photo-stories and Films and Popular Culture pertaining to this theme. Send in your submissions for the October Issue by the 30th of September 2022. Please follow the guidelines below and in case of any queries please write to or WhatsApp 6289935412.

Poetry: Please send in your previously unpublished poems (not more than 3) in a single MS Word document at the email id mentioned above with the subject line Poetry Submission.

For Fiction/ Short Stories: Please keep in mind that short stories should be not more than 4,000 words. Send in the short story to with the subject line Short Story Submission. The submissions should be in MS Word format.

For Articles on Films and Popular Culture: Please send us a short pitch before sending us the complete article to the subject line Films and Popular Culture. We are hoping to look beyond run-of-the mill film reviews and delve more into the contact zone of films and society/culture in general. We’re particularly interested in articles on non-hindi and independent cinema.

For Editorials/ Opinion Pieces/ Interviews and Book Reviews: For editorials and opinion pieces, please ensure that your submissions are free from unparliamentary language or religious or cultural bigotry. The editors have complete authority to reject a piece if they feel that they are not upholding the spirit of the magazine. Book reviews should be not more than 2,000 words. Send in your submissions to

Photo Stories:  Please send in your photographs (adhering to the theme of the Issue and not more than 5 and not less than 3) to The photos must be accompanied by a short write up/ captions and should be in the Jpeg format.

Copyright for articles, artwork and photographs published in this magazine shall rest with the authors, with first publication rights to Parcham. As the magazine follows an open access policy, articles or extracts from articles may be used by others, with proper attribution, for academic and non-commercial use. We reserve the right to publish the work in print in case we go for a print edition at a later time.


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